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L-Tyrosine is an amino acid (the building block of a protein) formed from phenylalanine, with some cool benefits for your brain, mood, stress, recovery, and more.

Tyrosine is essential when you are under stress or need to power through something requiring a lot of focused attention. If you run out, you might start to feel like you have hit a mental wall. This is because Tyrosine is a precursor to some of the most important neurotransmitters in the brain.

Without Tyrosine, your body cannot make;

  • Dopamine; for mood and motivation
  • Norepinephrine; for muscle recovery and blood flow
  • Adrenaline; for focus and drive
  • Thyroid hormones; produced by the thyroid gland and primarily responsible for regulating metabolism

As with most amino acids, L-Tyrosine is found in protein-rich foods such as chicken, turkey, dairy, and also considerably in peanuts, almonds, and avocados.

How to consume

L-Tyrosine tends to be taken in doses of 500-2000mg depending on the effect required, best taken 30-40 minutes prior to training. The user may experience an increase in cognitive performance and an improved sense of well-being within 15-20 minutes after consuming L-Tyrosine.

We recommend L-Tyrosine for people with low motivation and stamina, fatigue, or stress-related exhaustion. It is also particularly suited for those who have difficulty getting started in the morning.

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