Trinity Cycle - Testosterone Booster Bundle

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Unlock the power of Inception Labs Trinity Cycle - an unbeatable three-stage testosterone cycle designed to help you take your growth and strength goals to new heights! Benefit from all three components of this cutting-edge system, tailored for maximum results. 


Inception Labs introduces Transcend™, a revolutionary testosterone booster unlike any other. It's the only product designed to cover every aspect of male health; from increased power and strength to enhanced libido, improved moods and better muscle recovery!


Inception Labs Elysium™ is here to take your gains and performance to the next level. Designed with both testosterone optimization and utilization in mind, so you can maximize benefits and your gains permanently in place!


Ascension is a mid-to-high strength testosterone booster designed for males looking for a day-to-day test booster that can be used without needing to cycle off. Ascension can be used as a standalone product, or as the concluding element of the Inception Labs Trinity Cycle, easing the body back to regulated levels while maintaining strength and muscle growth at optimal levels.

Increased Strength Lean Muscle Growth Optimal Recovery


Why a cycle of test boosters?

Just like a car engine requires different components to operate effectively, each stage of the Trinity Cycle supplements plays a crucial role in achieving maximum gains. Transcend serves as the fuel for the engine, providing the necessary component to drive performance and power. This supplement increases freeform testosterone levels, facilitating an upsurge of libido, strength, and lean muscle mass. It's like the gasoline that fuels the engine, providing the energy that propels the car forward.

Elysium, on the other hand, acts as the lubricant for the engine, reducing friction and ensuring that parts work smoothly together. This supplement functions as an estrogen modulator, hardening and consolidating the gains made on Transcend while increasing strength. Elysium is like the oil that keeps all the engine parts running smoothly and ensures a smooth ride.

The final stage of the Trinity Cycle, Ascension (for men) and Transcend (half dose for women), acts like the engine coolant that allows the engine to run cool and recover after enduring the pressure and heat of rigorous driving. Ascension is a natural testosterone booster that enables the body's system to recover while remaining in an anabolic state after stages 1 and 2. It's like the coolant that keeps the engine from overheating and allows it to continually perform at maximum capacity.

Why don't other brands offer a cycle of test boosters?

Complexity and cost. Significant lab testing and cost were required to develop the Trinity Cycle to ensure it is safe and stands up to its promises. Three scientists with various PhDs were involved in the inception, testing, and validation of the Trinity Cycle.

Do you have to follow the Trinity cycle?

While you don't have to follow the Trinity Cycle, significant research has validated that running the set cycle is the optimal way to benefit from these products. However, there are always exceptions to the rule. For example, some people aren't interested in boosting strength and only want to lean and harden their physique. In that situation, running Elysium alone is a great option. If you have a specific goal in mind, don't hesitate to contact Inception Labs directly; one of our staff will be happy to assist in recommending a specific cycle.

What results can I expect from running the Trinity Cycle?

In the first month, you will experience noticeable increases in the strength and volume of your muscles. You will feel more energised and focused in your training and have increased mental clarity and focus in your daily life.

In month two, you will see the strength increases taking hold, and you will start to lean out further and define your physique. In the final month, we allow your system time to recover and prime for another performance cycle. While it is tempting to go straight back to Transcend and immediately move into another performance growth phase, it is important to give your system time to rest to optimise gains. It's like driving a car; if you constantly have your foot to the floor, the engine will eventually burn out and stop working.

Is the Trinity Cycle suitable for women?

Unfortunately, the Trinity Cycle is not suitable for women. Women can safely use a half dose of Transcend and a full dose of Elysium. However, Ascension is not designed to be used by women. We recommend that women use a half dose of Transcend for their first month, then a month of Elysium at full strength, and alternate between them each month; this is because women are estrogen-dominant, so testosterone-boosting products have a lesser effect.